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Laptop Battery Guide

Don't leave a laptop charging it's battery all the time. The best thing to do is to alternately use the battery and wall current to run the laptop.

A laptop will continuously draw power if it is put to sleep. To cut down on power usage, shut down the computer completely.

If your laptop has wireless and Bluetooth capabilities, disable them if you are not using them. Power is drawn when the laptop searches for devices using wireless and/or Bluetooth.

On a Windows laptop, in Control Panel you can use the Power Options to tell Windows when to make the hard disk spin down and also when to make the screen dim down to save battery life.

Exit any applications that you are not using and remove the CD/DVD drive from it's slot to save power.

If you plan to not use the laptop for a length of time, charge the battery to 50% of maximum to ensure that the battery stay's in as good a condition as possible



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